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-Joseph Campbell



Every athlete will experience feelings of insecurity, doubt, worry, anxiety, or stress. For any athlete that has sought out help for these feelings and found no relief, it is important that you understand the following: 


You are not flawed. No athlete is flawed.  


Many have simply been operating from a flawed manual for how emotional wellness works. 

At MYMIND, our mission is simple: To provide every athlete, coach, and parent with insight into the true principals that guide emotional well-being.     

Individuals that develop an 

understanding of the principals that guide our work will ultimately discover what is fundamentally true:

Confidence, resilience, and self-esteem is a pre-existing condition. 

If you are an athlete, coach, or parent and want to truly understand why you or your athlete thinks, feels, and performs the way they do, please contact us.

We are here to point each and every person towards being themselves because:

Every athlete is already enough just as they are.

We provide consultation and support for individuals, teams, coaches, and athletic organizations.


"There is no escaping thought- there is only understanding."
-Richard Carlson

what athletes are saying

"As a coach, I have always put a great deal of effort into building a team culture of hard work, winning, and one-ness.  Little did I know that you can't construct a team culture, that it is in fact just a natural consequence of my players knowing that their security and well-being could not be impacted by winning or losing."

- College Coach*

"I wish someone would have reminded me of these truths 40 years ago."

-Senior Amateur Golfer*

"Knowing that confident is something that I am naturally, the real reason why sometimes I didn't feel confident , and that I didn't have to feel confident to perform at my best.....what an advantage."

-Amateur Hockey Player*

"Since learning about these principals, I have started to look at my experiences very differently. I still feel nervous, anxious, and stress from time to time. I know now that those feelings don't mean what I thought they meant. My relationship with those feelings is very different now and as a result, the quality of all of my experiences are better. Sports, grades, relationships, you name it".

*College Golfer

"Watch any young kid playing sports and you will see fearless, free, energy, and pure love of  playing. After uncovering what I simply lost sight of, I truly feel like a kid again."

-College Basketball Player *

I kept saying to myself,"it can't be this simple." Everywhere you turn you are told that change is hard work. One small glimpse into what was possible was all it took."

*Names and affiliations withheld for athlete privacy.